IHI Checklist for moving from GloHealth to Irish Life Health.

Could your employees be subject to a premium loading on their Health Insurance under Lifetime Community Rating?

Taking out Travel Insurance is not as simple as it seems!!!!

Aviva confirm the sale of its Health Insurance business to Irish Life

Sunday Business Post Article on Aviva Health Sale Spectulation - Emma Kennedy

So is Aviva Health Really for sale?

Top Ten Tips For Reviewing And Renewing Your Health Insurance

Market Refresher for 2015 and early expectations for 2016

Sample - How To Post

Dental Insurance striking a cord with Irish based companies

Is Universal Health Insurance a dead duck?

Beware the dash for deficient health cover

Deadline approaches for Lifetime Community Rating

Lifetime Community Rating and The Unintended Consequences for Companies

Aviva Health Announce Ground Breaking Medical Technology Innovation on Select Health Plans - Babylon

VHI issues notice of Premium Freeze and Premium Reductions

The year in review - 2014 and the changes in the healthcare system and PMI market

AIG invests further in Ireland with acquisition of laya healthcare

Budget 2015 Summary

VHI price cuts for children and students come with a catch...or so someone in the Irish Times thinks!

See the final version of the Government's white paper on Universal Health Insurance here.

Has the cost of Health Insurance really gone up that much?

Health Insurer's Profit & Loss accounts on Health Insurance Business for 2012

Lifetime Community Rating - Would threat of higher premiums convince you to puchase Health Insurance sooner?

How to get the best deal in private health cover

State may owe as much as €60 Million in unclaimed Heath Insurance Tax Relief

How does the Cap on Tax Relief for Private Medical Insurance effect you?

Open Letter to the Minister for Finance on Health Insurance Budget Adjustments

Effects of Health Insurance (amendment) Act 2012 most visible today

GloHealth extend 5% discount on Better & Best Plan to October 31st

Have Aviva Health just rendered Minister Reilly's proposed bed re-designation charges ineffectual?

HSF Health Plan to waive new customer waiting periods

Two years after Vhi, Laya Healthcare introduce Orthopaedic shortfalls on their 2 newest plans.

GloHealth to extend their discount offer on Better & Best Plan

Vhi go 'half price kids' on 4 plans in a bid to compete with Aviva Health Family Focus Plan

VHI release 2 new plans, One Plan Family and One Plan 150 on 22nd August 2013

GloHealth to extend discount to Best Plan from today

Vhi Healthcare follow the lead of Aviva Health and introduce their first plan to only cover certain Public Hospitals, HealthPlus Select

Laya Healthcare will release a new plan, ConnectCare on 9th of August 2013

GloHealth offer 5% discount on Better Plan. Find out more!

GloHealth launch new plan (Better Plan Excess Cash) from 1st August 2013

Laya will release new plans: Simply Health Connect and Health Sense Connect on 1st of August 2013

Vhi rate and benefit changes to PMI plans 1st of August 2013

Laya Healthcare will change premiums on 4 plans on 1st August 2013

Vhi add benefit to One Plan Complete 1st of July 2013

Aviva Health release 8 new plans on the 28th of June 2013

Glo Health introduce new personalised packages 22nd June 2013

Considerations for Companies in the year ahead

New report by Colm McCarthy on the future of Private Health Insurance has been released today.

Viability of the Community Rated System of Health Insurance is under threat unless the exodus of younger people from the market can be halted. Aviva Press Release Here.

Government set to move on public hospital bed re designation by July 1st. Cost of Health Insurance to rise again!

Aviva Health to release new plan to rival top end market plans

Vhi and Department of Health relationship strained over Risk Equalisation Scheme and deadline for Central Back Authorisation

Health insurance isn't a bottomless source of revenue!

New Risk Equalisation Scheme takes effect today. Here are the changes.

Laya Healthcare will change the premiums and benefits of plans from 1 April 2013.

GloHealth benefit change to Ultimate Plan

Aviva Health Insurance announce premium increases of 4% average


So you just received your Health Insurance Renewal!

GloHealth's CEO Jim Dowdall responds to Minister's hike in health insurance levy

Vhi offer 50% child premiums on Nurses Plan Select and Teachers Plan Select from 22nd of August

Laya Healthcare's new Dublin plan 'Aspire' detailed in full.

Laya Healthcare Aspire to capture the Dublin Market!

GloHealth, the States 4th Health Insurer opens its doors for business today

Laya Healthcare to take on Quinn Healthcare, apparently!

Aviva announce a number of changes to existing plans and Terms & Conditions

Quinn-Healthcare to become Laya Healthcare

VHI Healthcare to increase prices of all plans

Quinn Healthcare Price Increases

60,000 people waiting for day case and inpatient treatment

VHI sued by hospital liquidator for alleged 'absue of market dominance'

Quinn Healthcare offer free child/student cover on Essential Select

Aviva release family value plan

Vhi offer free child cover on two plans

Aviva general price increase February/March

Private Healthcare: Trusted clinic continues to expand

Bon Secours hospital Cork new investment of 350,000 euros

Possible free cover for children

Confusing VHI membership cards

VHI Healthcare seeks future well-being

Half Price Kids

Vhi benefit change on HealthPlus plans and Forward plans

Vhi rate change on Teachers plan

Vhi price increase on 7 PMI plans

Vhi release new PMI 27 12 plan

Vhi rate change on PMI 08 11

Quinn Healthcare has increased the prices on their company plans

Quinn Healthcare Company Plans price increase

Vhi rate change on PMI 08 11

Aviva will increase the prices of their consumer plans

Aviva Health benefit change on all plans

Vhi release PMI 26 12 plan

Vhi benefit and premium change on PMI 06 11 plan

Vhi rate change on PMI 05 11 and One Plan 1.10

Twenty-nine nursing homes shut since 2009

Quinn Healthcare plans to impose second price hike

Business Interview - Donal Clancy

Collect Those Receipts!

People pay the same premium...

Health Insurance age related tax credits increased for 2012

Health Insurance age related tax credits increased for 2012

VHI extend the half price kids on the One Plan Plus Plan

Your Money: Wallets feeling the strain of health cover

VHI announced an increase in benefit on some of their plans

Families hit again as health insurance goes up by 220 euros pa

VHI Rule Change

VHI Price And Benefit Changes

Quinn Healthcare Price Increase

Aviva Health premium increases Business Plan Hospital+ and Business Plan Select+

Aviva Follow in VHI's Footsteps

Quinn Healthcare sold in management buy-out deal

December 2012 a busy month for VHI

VHI starts raft of price hikes with 15pc corporate increase

Insurers will have to pay for all private patients in public hospitals

Insurers consider private hospital only policies in response to budget

Reducing Costs For Young Males

Private Healthcare Costs Set To Rocket

Reilly Warned Over Benefit Cuts By Health Insurers

Families facing a 340 euro health bill hike as Quinn costs rise again

QUINN healthcare announces premium increases for 2012

Families to fork out an extra 48 euros as VHI hikes rates

Aviva to follow VHI's lead in reduction of orthopaedic benefits

Aviva Health to launch two new affordable plans this month

VHI accused over cover limits on cardiac procedure

VHI Multi Trip travel policy now available to any Health Insurance customer

Fall Out with Minister for health led to Vhi boss Jimmy Tolan's resignation

VHI must now meet solvency requirements and face full regulation as EU Rule against Ireland

VHI must now meet solvency requirements and face full regulation as EU Rule against Ireland

The Demise Of Plan B

Are you claiming money back on your Speech & Language Therapy Visits?

Are you claiming back money on your osteopathy visits?

VHI Release Five New Plans

Quinn Healthcare Release Health Sense Excess Plan

Aviva Health reducing product range

Aviva Health price increase on Level 2 Hospital Plan

VHI Special Offer on Parents And Kids Scheme on 01 August 2011

VHI Special Offer on One+ Plan on 01 August 2011

Quinn Healthcare price reduction on Credit Union Starter on 01 August 2011

Quinn Healthcare add benefits to Essential Starter on 01 August 2011

How much does it cost to have a baby in Ireland?

Aviva Health price reduction on Business Plan Select Plus on 01 August 2011

VHI To Re-Name Their Core A to E Plan Range In A Further Move To Confuse The Market

VHI's PMI 09 11 vanishes and seems to be replaced with their newest plan PMI 10 11!

VHI Launch New PMI 09 11 Plan

More details on Aviva Health's 5 new plans

Aviva Health add 2 MRI centres to their approved list

VHI accused after increase of 80 percent in corporate plan

Aviva Are To Launch 5 New Plans On The 14th Of June

Cork Medical Centre to Re-Open in 2012 under Mater Takeover

Switching Health Insurance Just Got Harder For VHI Customers

Does the establishment of the Special Delivery Unit spell the end for the National Treatment Purchase Fund?

Irish Life Look Set To Take Over Quinn Healthcare

VHI Healthcare Announces 2011 Price Increase

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