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IHI Checklist for moving from GloHealth to Irish Life Health.

In March 2016, Irish Life became the newest player on the Irish health insurance market by buying Aviva Health and buying out GloHealth .

Since then, Aviva Health has rebranded to Irish Life Health with GloHealth still trading as a separate entity until February 22nd 2017. From this date, GloHealth is effectively closed for new business. Any policies renewing after this date are being transitioned over to Irish Life Health and any renewal correspondence will be issued to you from Irish Life Health, assuming you gave GloHealth permission to transfer your data to Irish Life Health during the year.

Individual policies are being transitioned across on your renewal date so if your renewal date is later in the year do not worry as your policy will remain in force with GloHealth until then. It is at this stage that you will receive your renewal notification from Irish Life Health.  

In order to aid the transition process Irish Life Health have replicated 19 of GloHealth’s plans and are offering them as part of the Irish Life Health suite. If your 2016-2017 GloHealth plan happens to be one of those replicated, you will simply be switched over on the same level of cover.

However, if your plan is not one of those now being offered within the Irish Life Health suite you will receive a renewal notice on what the insurer feels is the closest alternative known as a process called ‘mapping’.

As your independent health insurance advisor, we have compiled a checklist for you to follow throughout this transition period to best ensure your needs are met  

  • On receipt of your renewal documentation from Irish Life Health make sure that all the personal information is correct (names, dates of birth, direct debit details, etc.).


  • Compare your 2016/2017 GloHealth documentation against the renewal invite you receive from Irish Life Health in order to ascertain whether or not your old policy is now being offered within Irish Life Health or have they mapped you over onto an alternative level of cover.


  • If your old level of cover is being offered with Irish Life Health you are still entitled to 1, 2, 3 or 4 personalised packages depending on your policy so ensure that these are still the same as before or if you would like to swap them around you can do so, just like with GloHealth.

 This significant change in the health insurance market is as good a time as any to review your health insurance. As your independent health insurance advisor, we are here to help and advise you. Please contact us today for your free review.

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